Consulting services encompass a vast array of activities and can add tremendous value to our clients’ businesses.  Whether your organization is in an in-between spot not quite ready to take on a full-time financial leader, or just has a temporary vacancy, we can provide the support that you need through our part-time CFO and Controller services

We understand that small business owners wear many hats and that time spent on administrative functions is time not spent on growing revenues and generating income.  This is where our performance and management consulting services bring the greatest value to our clients.  We hone in on the areas that are dragging you down in order to implement efficient and effective solutions and procedures minimizing the time spent on non-revenue generating functions.  We also provide a full income statement review to eliminate unnecessary expenses and reduce overbilled expenses.

Is your company’s growth being held back by an entry level software that just can’t keep up, but you don’t know where to start to identify the right solution?  Our software evaluation and selection services walk you through the process of reviewing and comparing software options, both financial and industry specific, as well as negotiating the best possible price for your organization.  Knowing you’ve had experienced advisors working with you step by step through this process will give you peace of mind that you have selected a system that is the best fit for your organization and will grow with you for years to come.

If the burden of keeping up with your books is taking time away from growing and managing your business, our bookkeeping services are what you need to get that time back.  We can handle the recording of your financial activities and provide you with reconciled bank accounts and financial statements on a regular basis.  If you have employees, we can handle your payroll processing as well.

FDV | CPA not only provides consulting services to help you select an operational or financial software that fits your business, we’ll also help you to set up and implement the software, so that your organization is getting the most out of your software from day one of go-live.

We also offer advanced accounting services such as proof of cash and valuation services.

It is becoming more and more challenging for individuals and businesses to navigate through the growing number of regulations and statues surrounding income tax preparation.  It is important to know that your taxes are being done correctly and that all eligible deductions are being taken.  Equally important is to make sure you are planning for future tax years.  FDV | CPA offers both individual tax return preparation and business tax return preparation as well as year-round tax planning.

Income taxes are not the only tax that small businesses must file and pay, which is why we also provide tax filing services for franchise taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes and property tax renditions.