I do not live in Northwest Arkansas, in fact, I don’t live in Arkansas at all.  Can I still use FDV | CPA for my accounting needs?  In most cases the answer is yes!  However, each state has its own set of rules regarding CPA licensure and reciprocity that can vary based on the services provided.  Contact us to find out about your state and the services you require.

Does FDV | CPA provide audit services?  At this time we do not provide audit services.  For a full list of the services we do provide, take a look at our Services page.

Why should I use a CPA instead of a tax preparer?  CPAs are more expensive!  At least that may be what you are thinking.  I have found that my fees in many cases are comparable to the large tax preparation companies.  If the fees are similar, why would you not take advantage of a CPA's experience, knowledge and dedication to understanding tax regulations The designation of “tax preparer” often indicates that individual is not a licensed CPA.  Saving a few dollars on preparation fees isn’t savings at all if thousands of dollars in tax savings are missed or if a return was prepared incorrectly, triggering an IRS audit.